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Boost your Health Research
via Web and Mobile Apps

Set up a website and app for your participants within minutes,
and automate the field deployment, data collection, and monitoring of your research.

Trusted by more than 1000 researchers from 80 distinguished institutions

The most reliable Experience Sampling platform

Experience Sampling

Ethica's Experience Sampling is available both on web and mobile apps, and can notify participants via channels they pay attention to the most, from SMS and email to app messages. So they never miss a survey, and you can maximize your response rate.

Validated Cognitive Tasks with Astonishing Design

Cognitive Tasks

Ethica offers a library of cognitive tasks, each beautifully designed while preserving its validated interface. You can add them to your study within minutes, or work with our design team to bring your innovative idea to life.

Sensor-based Quantitative Behaviour Measurement

Sensor Data

Ethica offers integration with a wide range of smartphone sensors and wearables that your study can use to objectively measure behaviour or verify self-reports.

Ethica in Numbers

Research Studies
42 Billion
Data Records

Security-First Research Platform

In Ethica, we understand the sensitivity of your research data. So protecting the privacy of the participants,
the security and integrity of the data, and the reliability of our service is our highest priority.