Our annual Masterclass on Understanding Health Behavior using Smartphones and Wearables will be from June 5th to 8th.

Ethica enables the use of technology to
open new opportunities in human—subject research.

Our products bring the power of smartphones, wearables, and data science into human—subject research,
so scientists can test their hypothesis more accurately, at larger scales, with less resources.

sensor based data for human subject research


Collect any sensor—based physiological data needed in your research from GPS and Accelerometer to Electrodermal activity.

surveys and ecological momentary assessments in research studies


Design surveys for screening, continuous experience sampling, or citizen science, and leverage sensor data to automatically prompt contextual EMAs.

real time big data analysis


Monitor your study as it progresses and analyze the data in real—time using Ethica dashboard, or use external tools like Spark or Tableau for more in—depth analysis.

Trusted by academics from distinguished institutions, including:
baylor college of medice research team
university of regina research team
university of saskatchewan research team
western sydney university research team
boston university research team
san francisco state university research team
wilfrid laurier university research team
loughborough university research team
memorial university of newfoundland research team