Today, we are happy to roll out Ethica’s new Researcher Dashboard, which we have been working on for the past 5 months. You can try it out right now by logging into your Researcher account on Ethica's website.

We released our previous dashboard back in 2016, nearly 4 years ago. Back then, we chose the best technology available for implementing data-driven web-based applications. We also tried to forecast the features we needed to offer as a research tool that leverages smartphones and wearables. But both these changed drastically since then. New web-application technologies are released and provide features that we see all around the web. You also asked us for new features which we had not expected before. That really limited our capability to expand our dashboard and we felt it’s necessary to think about a new Researcher Dashboard.

So we went back to the drawing board and redesigned our Researcher Dashboard completely from scratch. In the new design, our main focus was addressing the major pain points from the old interface, while ensuring there is room to support new features in the months and years to come. So, while things have moved around a bit, you still should be able to do everything you used to do in the old Researcher Dashboard, hopefully with some improvement. In the upcoming weeks and months, you will also notice that slowly we will expand our dashboard to support new features we have been promising, such as cognitive tasks, better participation adherence monitoring, or easier access to the collected data.

The new Researcher Dashboard also uses completely new technology for creating web-applications. The new technology accelerates our development speed and allows us to take advantage of modern browser features. As we are offering more and more web-based features in addition to our Android and iOS apps, such as our web-based survey and experience sampling, this new technology can be very handy.

All of us in Ethica work hard every day to offer researchers the best possible tools for their valuable work, and I’m sure today’s update helps us in that direction. Like always, we would love to hear your suggestions and comments via email, forum, or chat.