Our annual Masterclass on Understanding Health Behavior using Smartphones and Wearables will be from June 5th to 8th.

Ethica Features

Study Management

  • Interactive web—based study design tool (Learn more)
  • Support for per—study app branding
  • Dedicated landing—page for each study
  • URL—based, QR Code, and ID based enrolment (Learn more)
  • Eligibility screening through the app (Learn more)
  • In—app consent form
  • Real—time adherence monitoring (Learn more)
  • Participation drop—out monitoring (Learn more)
  • Study modification even on live studies (Learn more)
data analysis

Data Analysis

  • Web—based access to real—time analytics
  • CSV & JSON data download
  • Access database directly or through Spark, R, or Tableau
surveys and ecological momentary assessments


  • Unlimited questions, responses, or response media storage
  • 13 question types (Learn more)
  • Response validation for number, text, and calendar questions
  • Support images as answers
  • Survey localization
  • Customized alert schedule for prompted surveys
  • User—initiated surveys (Learn more)
  • Time—based prompts (Learn more)
  • Complex prompts based on sensor readings, such as geo—fence or activity level
  • Researcher—triggered prompts from the dashboard remotely to any participant (Learn more)
  • Branching based on participants' responses to current or previous surveys (Learn more)
  • JSON—based survey definition
  • Support for survey versioning
  • Survey expiry time (Learn more)
  • Per question response time
  • Per question response location
research participation


  • Native iOS and Android app
  • Full offline support
  • Support for web—based study actions for participants (data annotations, review and confirmation)
  • Allow participants to pause their participation to protect their privacy
  • Support for web—based per—study custom dashboard for participants
sensor data for human subject research

Sensor Data

  • Stock support for 23 most common digital data sources (Learn more)
  • API to add support for new data sources (e.g. custom wearables)
  • Optional and mandatory sensors
security and privacy


  • End—to—end encryption, from app data capture up until back—end storage
  • SSL/TLS—encrypted network data transfer