Ethica features provide you with maximum flexibility and security required to design your study. You will have access to all current and future features regardless of your study size or pricing plan.

Simple Recruitment

Larger sample population leads to stronger findings. Ethica facilitates conducting larger studies by automating the whole enrolment process. Ethica provides each study with a dedicated landing page specifically tailored to your needs. Each study will have a distinct registration code and URL. When individuals visit the URL on their smartphone devices, they will be guided through eligibility screening, consenting materials, and baseline survey. Individuals can participate only if they meet the eligibility requirements and consent, meaning participants do not have to visit a research lab. READ MORE

Elevate External Validity

Ethica allows observing participants’ behavior in the real-world while they go about their daily lives, providing higher quality data while reducing the Hawthorne effect. You can define the steps participants have to follow during the study, from answering surveys to continuously recording activity, mobility, other sensor data, and even performing monitored cognitive tasks. Ethica will guide participants to perform the tasks exactly as specified, wherever they are.

Setup in Minutes

Setting up a study in Ethica doesn’t require any technical background. You can design activities, define their prompt schedule, select sensors to capture required behavioral data, and any other steps needed, all through your online dashboard. At the same time, Ethica offers the required functionality to customize the user interface, collect specific types of data, or to perform custom analysis. READ MORE

Full Offline Support

Participants can follow all steps defined in your study regardless of their Internet connectivity. Whether they are online all the time, or only once in a while, Ethica collects and uploads the data when possible, without any participant interaction. It’s also possible to control the use of Wi-Fi vs. mobile data to manage the potential additional data charges on participants.

Available on Android, iOS and Web

Ethica has already been deployed on thousands of most-common Android smartphones, and all current versions of Apple devices, so you can enrol participants based on your own criteria and not based on their brand of smartphone. Additionally, Ethica abstracts all technical differences between different smartphones and provides the collected data in a common format.

Monitor in Real-Time

Participants’ data is uploaded, verified, and safely stored minutes after it is collected, so you can monitor your study progress in your custom dashboard immediately after it starts. You can start analyzing the data right away, using Ethica dashboard or simply downloading the data in CSV or JSON formats and using external tools such as Kibana and Metabase. READ MORE

Adjust as Needed

If necessary, Ethica also allows you to change any part of your study while it is in progress. You can add or remove monitored data sources, modify the survey questions, or change the study duration. Ethica automatically synchronizes the changes with participants’ devices and continues the study based on these modifications. This way, the study design can also evolve as your needs or understanding evolves. READ MORE

Engage Participants

Ethica provides different options to increase participant engagement throughout the study. You can choose to feed your collected data back to participants, in order to increase the quality of your data and lower participant dropout rate. Alternatively you can block participants’ access to their data during collection to control for the potential Hawthorne effect.READ MORE


Ethica provides participants with many options to increase their privacy, from snoozing the study participation for some time to opt-out from certain data sources to have the option to delete their collected data afterward. In addition to give assurances to the participants that they have full control over their data, these options explicitly address many common concerns Ethical/Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) might have regarding your study.


All data in Ethica is encrypted immediately after it is recorded, stored in private servers, and accessible only through secure protocols. This guarantees the maximum security of you and your participants’ data. We can also help you set up and store the data on your internal servers if you need it to be hosted inside of your own organization. If you use your organization’s own servers you will still benefit from Ethica’s tools.

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