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Cognitive and Behavioral Tasks

Validated Cognitive Tasks with Astonishing Design

Ethica offers a library of beautifully designed, validated cognitive and behavioural tasks that you can add to your research study within minutes. They offer the same powerful options as Ethica Experience Sampling, such as the schedule and criteria for prompting them, and notifications and reminders for participants.

Record Accurate Time Use Data via Ethica Time Diary

Ethica Time Diary allows participants to enter data about their everyday activities within minutes, through an intuitive and smooth interface. You can access the data in real-time, and even go further and cross-validate the entries using location data collected via GPS.

Fully-Customizable Features Tailored for Your Study

Novelty is an inherent part of any research study, that’s why we have designed Ethica to be easily expandable and fit your innovative ideas. You can either choose from the current features and configure them or start from an empty canvas and work with our experts to create and validate a new innovative cognitive task.