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Field Deployment Monitoring

Have Control Over Every Step of Your Study

From eligibility screening to every interaction of the participant with your study during her participation, you have access to every detail of the field deployment. This way you can be in control of the data collection, and ensure high quality results.

Monitor and Adjust Each Participant’s Trajectory

Ethica Researcher Dashboard allows you to monitor and track the trajectory of participants, both individually and aggregated over their cohort. You can also modify the study flow for each participant to personalize their participation.

Modify Your Study

As you learn from your field deployment experiences and your understanding evolves, you can modify any part of the study necessary. Ethica internally manages different versions of your study, and allows you to control which cohort of the participants should be moved to the latest version and which cohort should continue using the previous version of the study.

Get Notified When Something Is Not on Track

Ethica can notify you when certain patterns in your study data are detected. So you can move your attention to more important tasks, and be assured that if anything is not on track, Ethica will let you know as soon as possible.