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Sensor-based Data

Quantify the Impact of Daily Behavior on Health Outcomes

With just a few clicks, collect data from a wide range of sensors available in Android, iPhone, or wearable devices. You can access the raw or processed data in real-time, and even configure experience sampling or cognitive tasks to be prompted when sensors detect a certain condition.

Location and Trajectory Data

Ethica can continuously record location data via GPS, with minimum battery usage (~10% per day). You can access the collected raw data or processed output in real-time, and program conditions to trigger actions, such as prompting an experience sampling, or notifying a researcher.

Beacon-based Proximity

You can easily pair your study with off-the-shelf Bluetooth beacons, and capture the contact pattern between participants and physical world objects, with minute-level time and sub-meter distance resolution. You can further configure your study to prompt surveys or cognitive tasks when certain contacts are detected.

Motion Sensors

Integrate your study with physical activity data, from raw motion sensors like accelerometer, to processed data such as step count and activity type. You can access the incoming data in real-time, and use it to trigger actions when certain patterns are observed.

Digital Footprint

Objectively measure participants’ digital behaviour and exposure to content via metrics such as app usage, screen time, and call and text message contacts.