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White-Label Solutions

Your mHealth App, Hosted in Your Facility, Powered by Ethica

You can rebrand the Ethica apps, have all Ethica services installed on your existing in-house infrastructure, and route all data from participants straight to your own servers. This gives you all of Ethica’s powerful features, while complying with security and regulatory requirements.

Branded Study App

Your study subjects are familiar with your brand and recognize your study cause. By rebranding Ethica app under your own brand, you can leverage this asset to gain more trust from participants and decrease retention.

On-Premises Installation

Ethica offers different installation alternatives, from eventual in-house storage to full on-premises installation. You can pick the option that fits the project budget and meets regulatory and security requirements. In either case, our engineers can help you set up the service within a day.

Integration with Your Existing Services

Using our white-label solution, you will have the option to further customize Ethica to better interact with your existing services and workflows, and make adjustments to the software as needed by your study.