With every Android and iPhone user as a potential participant, deploy your study at a pace and scale like never before.


1. Design the Study

Design your study in just a few simple steps. Define research teams, access control, participation period, consent form materials, and other parameters.

2. Add activities

Add activities to your studies such as surveys for eligibility screening, demographic questions, EMAs, cognitive tasks and other elements of the study.

3. Add Sensor-Based Data

Select the sensor data to objectively measure behaviors important in your research, such as GPS for mobility, motion sensors for physical activity, or Bluetooth for social interactions.

4. Enroll Participants

Enroll participants simply by providing them with the study code or registration link. Visiting the registration URL on their smartphone will guide participants through study steps, from eligibility screening and informed consent to data collection and other activities.

5. Track Real-Time Progress

Both sensor data and activity responses are available through Ethica dashboard minutes after their collection, so you can track the study progress in real-time and start the data analysis right away.

6. Adjust As Needed

You can always adjust and modify any part of the study, even while it’s in progress, so the study can also evolve as your needs or understanding evolves. Ethica will automatically update participants’ devices accordingly.

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